Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Earned The Title Mother

Life's experiences make us qualified and "professionals" more than any amount of schooling could ever do. I feel qualified to speak out as the mother of a child with ADHD. I feel qualified to share how it is being told that your husband may not live. I feel qualified to understand the challenges one faces when moving from one country to another. I feel qualified to know how it is to leave one church to attend another. I sure wish I wasn't so qualified! However, on the flip side, I feel qualified to know that Jesus can calm the storms of ADHD. I feel qualified to share how there was a special closeness I felt with Jesus when I thought my husband would not make it. I feel qualified to say that I survived a move from one country to the other. I feel qualified to say that Jesus paved the way in a new church family for us. Perhaps being qualifed isn't all that bad after all.

Yesterday was one of those days for me as a mother of ADHD. I gained a little more schooling. We had a really rough afternoon. What started as a very pleasant day, ended with a heavy heart within myself and my husband. Unfortunately, my precious son had a very bad public ADHD meltdown. I learned that nothing could stop the storm that came on so suddenly. I had to change my son's surroundings and make the consequences much worse than the meltdown. That is hard for a Momma's heart. God created us as mother's to be loving and caring. If we are not careful though, we will give in to "guilt" feelings. My sweet friend told me yesterday... "It's not easy being a good parent". Those were the words I needed to hear at that exact moment. I sure didn't feel like a good parent. How could I be a good parent with a child acting out like that? That's where I have had to learn (and still am learning) that all I can do is my best in each situation. I can't MAKE things happen; I can help facilitate and do my best to set up for success, but that doesn't guarantee success. I had to stick to my guns and proceed. That's can be rough! I am speaking very bluntly about our day yesterday to show that days like these can abound. You can't stop the storm, but you can choose how to respond to the storm. I credit blogging with helping me choose to stay calm, loving, yet firm. Being able to write about ADHD allows me to be able to remember to choose the correct response.

I feel that I got some type of school degree for what I experienced yesterday. Unfortunately, life isn't like college. Once you get your degree, you do not have to keep taking the same class over and over. I know that we will experience more days like yesterday. However, I also know that I will not walk them alone. My King and my Savior knows that path I travel. He calmed natural storms, I know he can calm the storms of life for me. It brings to memory one of my favorite songs...

I know the Master of the wind
I know the Maker of the rain
He can calm the storm
Make the sun shine again
I know the Master of the wind.

Do you know the Master of the wind? If not, you CAN know Him too. He can calm your storms. He doesn't always take them away, but he will hold you in the palm of His hand as you go through them. There's no place I'd rather be.

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