Saturday, January 22, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Tithing test me in this

I was looking forward to reading a book about tithing. I was excited to read a book that I believed would back up my belief about tithing. I was disappointed with this book. I was hoping and looking for more Scriptural input and a case to be built about the importance of tithing. This book was comprised of several personal testimonies of people faithful in tithing. I cannot deny that these people have been used by God and blessed by Him. I appreciate their giving to the Lord and His work. I am slightly uncomfortable about people speaking publicly in detail about their tithing habits. I believe that it is a very personal thing that should be done in private.

All in all, I would not recommend this book. I was not impressed by the content. I found the author to give too many intricate details that, to me, didn't need to be included.

I received the book Tithing test me in this by Douglas Leblanc complimentary from BookSneeze and have in no way been paid for my review of it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almost Heaven

I varied from enjoying this book to wishing I wasn't reading it. Parts of this book are very sad and almost depressing. It was so hard to read about a man who had a very difficult life. I have been blessed in my life and could not relate to many parts of the book. However, I could see this book being very helpful for those who have experienced extreme life-altering experiences.

The author lets us into the main characters life and thoughts, as well as, into the thoughts of the angel sent to watch over Billy (the main character). I found myself wanting to skip over the chapters where the angel's ideas and thoughts were discussed.

Having said the above, I thoroughly enjoyed the last section of the book. I loved how the author created such a character that lived his love for God t the fullest. He leaned on the Lord throughout his life. It reminded me of the importance of SHOWING God's love to others.

I received this book complimentary from Tyndale Media Center. I received nor will I receive any compensation for the review of this book.

Monday, January 10, 2011


We had a young man come by yesterday and present his vacuum and air purification product for our company. He was demonstrating to us what our vacuum and other cleaning tools miss in my weekly cleaning routines. It was quite impressive. I thought my home looked clean and I believe it would to anyone's naked eye. However, we were shown proof that there was underlying dirt that had not been picked up.

This morning while I was washing my floor, I began to think of that more and wonder how much "dirt" I am missing each day in my own life. Again, to the naked eye, I appear to be a good Christian woman who loves the Lord. I attend church regularly, I talk to the Lord, I teach my children about Him, I lead music at church, I work with the Sunday School children, etc.... This all is true. However, all of that will not make my heart clean before the Lord. I don't believe I would be able to handle the evidence of the dirt within me, if He were to come in and demonstrate His air purification and vacuum system to me.

As amazing as it was, we chose to not purchase the product we were shown yesterday. Currently, the cost was more than we would currently be comfortable with paying. The amazing thing is that Jesus has given me His purification system FREE OF CHARGE! He not only gave it to me, but He bought it for me!!! Another bonus is that I am able to accept this gift each day. I am able to use it to rid my heart of the dirt within daily. If I had to see the evidence all at once, I do believe I would fail before I even began.

How many people have every said, "This house is a mess!" That's how I feel about my heart somedays. It is just a mess and needs a good cleaning! I'm so appreciative that I have been given the most efficient cleaning tools.

By the way, it did give me great joy that the young man said our house was actually very clean. =)