Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dreams vs Reality

We all have dreams. Our dreams change as we mature. I always had a dream of being a Mommy. I now dream of being able to have two minutes of peace. It's amazing how life has so many twists and turns. Some of our dreams come true, some do not.

Growing up, I had three things I stated I wanted physically in my husband: 1) He could not wear glasses 2) He could not be a lot taller than me 3) He needed to be a good singer. I laugh now when I think about this, because they were all "dreams" that were superficial and of non-importance. Reality is this: 1) Martin wears glasses (and he looks real good in them too), 2) he is almost a foot taller than me 3) He couldn't hold a tune if his life depended on it. I find it SO comical that everything I thought was so important is not what I married. Let me tell you... I married the most wonderful loving Godly man there ever was! He is my very best friend and my rock. He is a wonderful father and provider for our family. I'm glad that God knew my dreams were just silly little girl dreams and gave me my true dream!

I always would dream of being the mother of four children. We stopped at two. I pictured myself sitting on the couch reading to my children as they sat on the floor playing quietly and sweetly at my feet. Ha! That is one funny dream to me now. If that ever happened, it would probably be because I paid them! Reality is this: I will read to my children while they are sitting at a table coloring or building with Lego's and we might get through a page without an interruption, but probably not. I pictured myself always being the fun, patient, never-yelling, perfect mother. Ha! I never knew I would have a child that would test my patience to the very limit. Sometimes I have that Jekyll and Hyde moment (all you mothers know what I'm talking about!) I pictured sending my children off to school when they became of age, cleaning my home and preparing wonderful meals and greeting them with kisses and cookies each day. Ha! My children have never been on a bus, I clean in-between school lessons and activities, and sometimes I run and get pizza because I'm just too tired to cook!

Hollywood presents such a far-from the truth "fairytales". Everything always works out the way WE want them to. That's not real life. Couples who expect that type of hollywood romance each day are in for a big awakening. I'd much rather have my reality.

Giving my dreams to the ultimate One in life is the very best thing I can do. He creates my reality into dreams that I never knew I had!

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Cathy said...

God's plans are always so much better than we could ever dream! One of my favourite scriptures is: Jer. 29:11 "For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not for woe! plans to give you a future full of hope." This passage has spoken to me time and again over the last 25 years!