Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Beginning Of Blogging

I am doing something that I said I would NEVER do. "I will never blog!" were the words spoken by my very own lips. They were typed by the very same fingers typing now. Alas, here I am... blogging.

Why am I so resistant to change? Why does the word change ring discomfort within me? For many women "The Change" is not something looked forward to. When I was younger, I would almost laugh at those who would speak of change being a hard hill for them to challenge. I now sit at the same side and ponder what changes I must make to climb my mountain of life. I am not talking about "The Change", I am talking about the concept of "change".

I'm finding more and more that change is not something to be feared, but embraced. Just think of all I will never experience if I resist change. My goal this year is to answer the door when change knocks. I will not only answer, but I will welcome change into the chambers of my heart and home.

It has been suggested to me by many to begin to walk the road of blogging. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, daughter and son. All are precious to me. I have learned so much from being my husband's wife and my children's mother. My son has ADHD. This reason alone brings change into my life on a daily basis. However... that is a blog for a different day...


Fresh Start Academy said...

welcome I am glad I convinced you to jump that hurdle feel free to click on the links on my blog to take you to those book companies
Welcome to the land of blogging

Kelly said...

Linds-I've been blogging for about 6 years now and it's basically all about my life with our 3 boys. They love to look at the pictures and read the stories. I look at it as a digital keepsake. Looking forward to reading yours. You can click on my name to access mine.

The MWB said...

Welcome to therapy Lindsey! I just printed 1/2 of my blog that I started Years ago. It's in the form of a hardback book and the kids love reading my words along with viewing their pictures. It has become our family scrapbook. I think you are going to like this kind of change. :o)

Can't wait to read more!