Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sweet Saturday

This is turning out to be a wonderful Saturday. I have been able to get out and get a haircut and to enjoy a pedicure. I am now sitting alone at the library. Days like this are few and far in between, yet so necessary. It is important to take time for ourselves as Moms and to recharge.

Someone told me when Victoria was a baby, "Taking time for yourself and getting away will make you a better Mom." I looked at her like she was crazy! My heart was hurting leaving her for a few minutes. I recall getting together with friends who had been parents longer than I. They would be SO excited that they had a night "off". They had a babysitter for the evening. My mind couldn't grasp that fact! I was close to tears not being with my girl. My how times have changed. If I cry when I leave my children with a babysitter, it's normally tears of joy! I get a few hours of adult time!!! I now understand why my friends were excited to have a night out! I love family time, but I also love and need "Lindsay" time.

Women can be great creatures of guilt. As much as I am enjoying today, there is a small part of me that feels guilty that I'm not at home. My amazing husband has assured me that he is fine with me not being home for a while and actually encouraged me to take time away! I am SO blessed! However, with that being said, a small amount of guilt abounds; this day is important for me. It can be exhausting raising and homeschooling children, especially one with ADHD. I think that we as women need to band together and try to rid ourselves of this silly guilt that can come upon us. We need to see the need for balance. I am Victoria and David's mother and that fact makes me blissfully happy. However, I am still an individual that God created. He made me with my own interests and passions. I am learning that forgetting who I am and the passions within me makes me a less happy Mom. I can't forget who I am. I am God's child. Yes, I'm trying to juggle being wife to my husband, mother to my children, teacher to my children, piano player for my church, song leader for Sunday-School children, friend to my friends, Team Mom for my daughter's baseball team, daughter to my parents, etc.... It is imperative that I do not forget who I am.

I encourage mothers to remember themselves. This is NOT selfish; search for a balance in your life. I have found that setting out time each week to go to the gym to exercise a few times has been so important. I'm getting much needed time alone and VERY much needed exercise. Let go of the guilt and rediscover your passions. God placed talents and gifts within you. Find out what those are and sail with them. You do NOT have to be superwoman. Superwoman was a created, FICTIONAL character. There is NO such person. We cannot be her! Free yourself from that level of achievement.

You know, the funny thing about us Moms is that we can't wait to get out for some time alone, but we also can't wait to get back to our family! I'm excited to go home and to see and hear what my children and husband have been doing for the past few hours. I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of the afternoon and evening with them! Better yet...they are going to love having me with them, because I have recharged my batteries and I will be a whole lot more pleasant to be with!

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