Sunday, July 4, 2010


It took me longer to get through this book than most books I read. I felt that it started slow and seemed "out there" at first. However, half way through the book, it seemed to get better. I do think this would be a wonderful read for men that have experienced hurtful relationships with male figures in their life. It may not even be a hurtful relationship, but the lack of a relationship.

As a wife and mother reading this book, it did offer some insight into the lives of my husband and son. I felt that the author's view that every man has a "dangerous, adventure seeking soul" may have been too liberal. I do not view my husband this way, nor would he describe himself this way. However, I do feel that it sums up my son.

I found myself loving and hating this book all at the same time. When I completed reading this book, I felt that I would like to read more from this author, especially the book written for women. I have a few people in mind that I plan to pass this book on to that I think would benefit from it.

I was sent this book free by Book Sneeze to read and review and was in no way paid for this review.

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