Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Addition to Yesterday's Post...

Why is it that when I blog about a certain subject that is the very thing I am then challenged with? I many times yesterday I wanted to yell. There was even one instance I opened my mouth and remembered my post and stood there with my mouth open but no words coming out. I can picture Jesus looking down and have a little chuckle.

My husband sent me an email after reading my post. With his permission, I am sharing a small part of it. I thought it was a wonderful visual. Please read below...

"Very good sweety! AMEN to that! I told myself that I am going to imagine a stop sign .... and my blood boils. I am then going to imagine a yield sign which means to proceed with caution!"

I am in the driver's seat each day. I want to watch those signs that are there to help me be a better driver. I alone am responsible for my reactions; not just with my children, but with everything. Sometimes we will see a road sign that alerts us that the road is bumpy ahead or that the bridge may be icy. I'm going to look for those signs so that I can be a better "driver" within my home.

As women, we all experience what my family calls "the grouchy time of month." I think those are the times that we need to be kind and alert our family with a "Bumpy Road Ahead" sign. I will always think that these female hormones we experience in life are part of the curse! How many of us have woken up in the morning feeling real out of sorts and grouchy. On those days, I'm trying to talk to the Lord and not just ask but BEG for His help. I will also let my husband and children know that I am feeling grouchy today. I don't want to be like this, so let's work together to have a smooth and calm day. It really works. Many times, they will all laugh and groan, but it helps set a better tone for the day. Just so you know, I'm in NO way perfect or even close to it. I still give in at times to Mrs. Grouch, but I'm trying!

I so appreciate the Lord dealing with my heart when I most need it. It doesn't always feel good, but I know He loves me when He does. I ask your prayers for me today that I will remember to have a soft answer.

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