Monday, May 3, 2010

ADHD Monday

Mondays. Need I say more? Mondays tend to be a big tougher than other days. We are getting back into routine after our weekend break. A break in routine lends itself to a day or two of extra patience needed. We typically have a later start on Mondays. After trying different ways, I found it to be the most successful. It is also a day we play "catch-up" from the weekend. It is usually a longer school day for us. I think I would be right if I said Monday is probably most people's least liked day of the week. This is proving to be true for us today.

We have taken the week off from school. I am busy doing spring cleaning. The children are helping also. David stuck with us for a good while and did his chores and a few extra. As I was cleaning my furniture, it dawned on me that it was a little too quiet. I called out "David!" No response. I called again. No response. Suddenly, my little man arrives in the sun room dripping wet. He looked at me soaked to the bone with those cute puppy-dog eyes. "Ok, Mom. I won't lie." (Ummm, thanks son. That's a good way to start). "I climbed the fence so I could go look at the fish in Mrs. Flo's yard. I wasn't even close to the edge, but I fell in her pond!" It was all I could do to not laugh hysterically. I had to turn around and busy myself at the counter so David would not know that I was highly amused. Now the hard part came, I still had to administer a consequence to his inappropriate action. This is a time I find it hard to be consistent. I called his Daddy who helped me to decide how to handle it. I almost laugh thinking of the thought process that may have gotten him into that pond.

Now that I type this out, I realize that maybe our day isn't so rough after all. I now have a very clean son (who showered after his pond experience), I'm laughing still thinking about what happened and I'm getting a clean house. You can never know what each day will bring you. Then, when you add ADHD into the mix, you REALLY never know! I think I will go and hug each of my children a little tighter. They really do make Monday's worth it all.

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