Thursday, January 13, 2011

Almost Heaven

I varied from enjoying this book to wishing I wasn't reading it. Parts of this book are very sad and almost depressing. It was so hard to read about a man who had a very difficult life. I have been blessed in my life and could not relate to many parts of the book. However, I could see this book being very helpful for those who have experienced extreme life-altering experiences.

The author lets us into the main characters life and thoughts, as well as, into the thoughts of the angel sent to watch over Billy (the main character). I found myself wanting to skip over the chapters where the angel's ideas and thoughts were discussed.

Having said the above, I thoroughly enjoyed the last section of the book. I loved how the author created such a character that lived his love for God t the fullest. He leaned on the Lord throughout his life. It reminded me of the importance of SHOWING God's love to others.

I received this book complimentary from Tyndale Media Center. I received nor will I receive any compensation for the review of this book.

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