Friday, December 31, 2010


When I hear those two years, I automatically think of a lot of effort and work being involved. Year end for my accountant husband, means extra hours and less time at home. He has to balance the accounts and start the year fresh.

It's got me thinking that maybe I should be doing the same in my personal life. I need to run some "financials" on my personal life. Some of my "accounts" have balanced very well. Some need some extra work balancing. I wonder if I were to run some reports titled "Martin", "Victoria" and "David" how they would look. Would they be balanced? Would they alert me to the necessity of making changes in how I operate this upcoming year. Would they show that I have given proper love and attention? My prayer is that my total would not be "in the red", but that there will be a nice healthy and thriving balance.

One of the hugest accounts we will ever manage as humans is our "time". Unlike many other accounts, our time will only ever decrease. We can increase our love account, but that is not possible with our time account. I wonder if I were to look at an actual Journal Entry titled "Time" if I would be ashamed. How many of my days, hours, minutes and seconds have I used in a responsible fashion? Would there be enough lines showing that I put my children as a priority? Did I put my husband as a priority? Did I give a good amount of time to my Lord?

Financial Statements do not lie. They tell you the truth about your operation. My prayer is that my financial statements will be those that reflect a woman living a balanced life.

So... Good-bye 2010. Thank you for what you taught me. 2011? Bring it on!

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