Sunday, February 28, 2016

It's One Year Later....

Wow!  We have officially been back in Canada for one whole year.  Shut the front door!  I'd like to take the time to update you all and let you know how we are doing.  I've had a few of you request me to write more frequently.  I'll do my best.

One Year.  A lot can happen in a year.  Think about it!  Today is a defining day for me.  Today allows me to know that I'm a survivor.  I'm brave.  I'm courageous.  I'm a strong woman.

I've been reflecting on how life was for us this time last year.  It was NOT pleasant.  Life as we knew it changed for EVER!  Victoria and I drove in my car, while Martin and David drove the U-Haul truck with his car towed behind it.  Everything we owned was on that truck.  We were moving our whole life.  I still can't comprehend that to this day.  Victoria and I were talking the other day at how what a surreal day that was.  It was happening, but it didn't feel real.  Victoria and I were listening to some music that a friend had prepared for me.  A song came on and was talking about how our life is like a book with many chapters.  Victoria said that sometimes the next chapter can be exciting.  Gulp. My 14 year old daughter who was hurting deeply from saying Goodbye to the life she had known since she was born was doing her best to make the best of this day and time of her life.  She ministered to me in the car.  That is something I will never forget.  I love you Sis!

Fast forward to a month later... we settled in our home.  Martin was working and the children were in school.  Life was getting settled for them all.  I was left feeling empty and alone.  I spent a lot of time unpacking and crying.  I didn't want to unpack much.  I just wanted to unpack the necessities, because this was NOT my home.

Fast forward to 3 months later... I was still struggling.  My kids were doing amazing.  It's amazing how resilient kids are!  They were becoming more involved with the youth group at church.  I struggled.  This wasn't MY church.  I wanted MY church.  (Gosh!  I sounded like a child wanting their toy!)

Fast forward to 6 months later... we've been here 6 months.  The kids are still doing amazing.  Martin is really enjoying his job.  I'm starting to notice that I don't cry so much.

Fast forward to 9 months later...  I decided that it was time to start moving out of my comfort zone.  YIKES!  I began to get involved a little more at church and get to know people in the community.  Hmmm.  Maybe this place isn't so bad after all?  Although... it's NOT my home.

Fast forward to 12 months later... I'm feeling so much more settled.  I'm not experiencing extreme anxiety every day.  I've been blessed with a job where I can work from home and set my own hours.  I can still attend all my kids sporting events and be there for them!  Martin's job is going great.  David loves Canada.  Victoria has grown so much as a person and spiritually.

The heart is an amazing thing.  It grows!  My heart misses and loves the people from my Michigan life, yet at the same time, my heart has grown to love others that I've met here.  I never expected to actually begin to care for people and my life here.  I'm so happy I was wrong.  The very best scenario for me would be to have everyone I love in one place!

This may not be the best post I've ever written, but I'm lacking the ability to express myself as efficiently as I want to.

And... how I said above that I found out many things about myself... strong, courageous, brave... that didn't come from me.  That came from HIM!  I could not have walked this path without Jesus.  The most amazing thing... HIS love is bigger than mine!  HE LOVES YOU!  HE CARES FOR YOU!


Stephen Lewis said...

God bless you Sis Lindsay. We are praying for y'all. Years ago while I was in the service I remember a man I worked for telling me that the only constant is change. Hardly original but very true none the less. You have all the keys to managing these changes, or at least you serve the one who does. Please let Bro Martin know I am praying for him. I would love to hear more about the church home y'all have found.

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