Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year!

It's a New Year. It seems that the entry of each New Year brings a promise of new beginnings. So many people make resolutions that they promise themselves that this is the year that they will actually stick to it.

Attendance at the gym seems to more than double for the first few weeks of January. By February, it's back to normal again. While having a resolution isn't necessarily a bad thing, it occurs to me that a resolution can seem like an unreachable option.

This year I have been thinking more about setting goals for myself rather than making an absolute resolution. Recently, a friend told me that they were working on their 3 year and 5 year plan. They are setting goals to reach where they resolve to be. I attended a private Christian school for a good part of my school years. Each day, we were required to set our goals for which we wished to accomplish in each subject. If we didn't reach that daily goal, we knew what our homework was.

As I'm typing this, my mind pondering the word "goal". I began to think about a goal in hockey. In a hockey game, the player's resolution is to win the game. It takes getting goals to get them there. If they just went on the ice and did nothing but stand there, they would not obtain any goals. It takes hard work and peseverance for them to accomplish getting these goals. Think of the cheering when your team gets a goal!

I'm looking at this year much the same way. I have things that I need to accomplish in my natural and spiritual life this year. I haven't set an absolute resolution this year, but I've set some personal goals to work towards and by the grace of God, I will be successful!

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